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Kilimanjaro Blog 4: Getting going - we're on our way!

by George Coombes | June 10, 2019

The final preparations are done and George is about to embark on this long-awaited adventure!

Well, the last two weeks or so have been a blur.  Try as I might, it was a mad dash during the last week to get all those bits and bobs I had in my head but didn’t actually get around to buying!  Plus, I kept reading more and more blog sites and the list of ‘useful/must have’ items kept growing! 


George's bags filled with all the essentials!
George's bags filled with all the essentials!


This trip – it’s always been something hovering somewhere in the future – and now, as I write, it’s the night before!  I’m sat at a desk in a hotel at Birmingham Airport praying that I will wake up when my alarm goes off at 3.15am… for my 6am flight!  In reality, I know I probably won’t sleep and just hope I can catch up a bit on the plane.

I’m meeting up with everybody else for our connecting flight out of Amsterdam – it will be good to then share our experience of packing and what kit we have (although I’ll probably start panicking that I haven’t got what they have!).

So that’s it – I’m anxious as hell but also excited, which makes sense as our body reacts in the same way to both emotions.  The only difference between both is our perception of them… e.g. if we are anticipating something, we feel excited (increased heart rate etc) whilst if we are dreading something, we feel nervous yet display nearly identical symptoms!

On that educational note I’m signing off but will do another blog post once I return.   

LawNet will be tracking my progress via TK’s climber tracker so check out LawNet’s twitter feed for updates as we go.

Wish me luck!!

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