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Elmhirst Parker - Member Story

Uniquely different, but all facing the same challenges

All our member firms are uniquely different, and range in size from £2m to £25m, but learning from each other is a fundamental part of the LawNet ethos and it’s often the differences that help drive the most interesting dialogues. And when it comes to the resources and infrastructure needed to run their law firms, all our members, whatever their size, benefit from the group purchasing power that lies behind the extensive range of member services and supplier agreements.

One example is the LawNet group professional indemnity scheme, which buys more than £1 billion of cover for members, with premium rates. For many in the sector, that’s what we are best known for, but it’s the full array of services that members say opens the door to greater opportunities for their firms, as they would be unable to access or afford many of the services on their own.

Elmhirst Parker joined LawNet in 2002, and the firm’s journey during their membership demonstrates how being focused on making best use of available resources can help smaller law firms realise their vision.

Find out more with our three-minute video and member profile PDF (links below).

Watch: Elmhirst Parker - Member Story