Join in this techtimeout tuesday to promote Digital Wellbeing

by Stephanie Henson | November 15, 2023

Guest blog - techtimeout Founder Stephanie Henson talks Digital Wellbeing and taking some time offline for techtimeout tuesday 2023.

Did you know UK adults spend an average of five hours per day looking at a screen? That’s outside of any screen-related work.

Or that the average Brit picks up their phone every 12 minutes?

It seems every moment of our lives is consumed by tech and this can have a profoundly negative effect on our health with excessive screen-time linked to depression, anxiety, burnout, and poor physical health.

Taking some time away from our devices now and then can be important for our wellbeing, and that’s why I launched national digital wellbeing awareness day techtimeout tuesday.

How to take part in techtimeout tuesday

On Tuesday 28th November 2023, hundreds of businesses from across the UK (and beyond!) will join us to enjoy some screen-free fun.

It’s super easy to take part - all you need to do is:

  • Pick a time
  • Pick an activity
  • Enjoy some screen-free fun with your colleagues

You can choose any activity as long as it’s screen free. Just get together, turn off your devices, and enjoy spending some time offline.

Here are some activity ideas to help you embrace techtimeout tuesday:

  • Phoneless pub lunch
  • Coffee and cake break
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Quiz
  • Yoga or mindfulness session
  • Group walk
  • Visit to a local attraction
  • Board games
  • Litter pick
  • Kickabout

How will you spend techtimeout tuesday?

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To find out more and plan your techtimeout tuesday visit the website.

Here’s what people say.

“It is vital that companies recognise responsibility for digital health and wellbeing in the workplace and invest in robust programmes. We are extremely pleased with the service provided by techtimeout and would not hesitate to recommend their programmes.”  Alison Lee, Biscoes (LawNet member firm)


“Technology is playing a pivotal role in keeping us connected and working efficiently but there's increasing evidence showing that overuse of technology can have a negative impact on productivity and mental health. techtimeout have the tools and know-how to help mitigate against this issue, so we’re pleased to have them on board as a preferred supplier." LawNet