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Transparency is key when it comes to client communications, by Lauren Riley, The Link App

by LawNet | March 18, 2020

Transparency is key when it comes to client communications - how to make your firm 34% more productive by Lauren Riley, The Link App.

Customer service has changed.  Or has it?
The customer was always king, according to the old adage. Without them, your business goes bust.
That has not changed.
However, the world has changed. It has become more technologically advanced and faster paced.  Everything is instant these days: ordered online and delivered within hours, even minutes. We can track anything - our taxis, our pizzas, our parcels.

As Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist, pointed out less than two years ago: “For consumers, the future of customer service cannot come soon enough. The customer experience service is ripe for disruption.”
Consumerism has revolutionised - the end user has a wealth of information at their fingertips, to help them research, choose and transact. To keep them informed on the service or product that they have purchased.
And businesses need to keep up. Adapting your delivery does not mean compromising on service, and most sectors have recognised this and moved with the cultural changes. Banks, retailers, travel companies - even schools - all use technology to provide the most efficient, non-invasive and appropriate way to communicate with their customers.

According to Harvard Business Review, the number one client complaint comes down to communication - having to repeat themselves. Outdated tech, poor internal systems and a lack of a customer oriented culture all combine to lead to this frustration, and in a costly industry such as law, this is simply not good enough.

Entrenched in tradition, the legal sector has not fully embraced technology yet and still relies on clunky old systems. Security is of course paramount - but this does not have to be compromised in order to keep up with the changing face of the client. Documents can be stored and shared securely, information can be ready immediately and realistic call-backs booked to provide reassurance.

Legaltech is growing and rightly so: 713% growth in 2018. But it is growing in areas such as research, security and auditing. This is fantastic - but we need to remember that law is based on a solicitor / client relationship, and that client has changed. 83% of end users prefer to deal with law firms online so using technology cannot be ignored.

Delays, lack of clarity and miscommunication are not accepted any more. The client needs to access their case files when they need them, and know that they can contact their firm when they need to. This is not about being at the end of the phone, email or app 24/7 – although in the current climate, homeworking is an increasingly relevant issue. This is about being able to provide reassurance to the client and delivering the best possible customer service, in the most reasonable way for your firm. Our research with clients prove it – using our app cuts down time and makes them 34%  more productive, through instantly and direct communication.
By offering clients clarity and a more efficient, honest and open customer service, we can help lead the legaltech charge, and revolutionise our profession.

The Link App is a downloadable mobile case tracking and management interface that helps lawyers keep in touch with their clients to completely reinvent the transactional experience, enabling instant messaging, document sharing, case updates, push notifications and secure document storage.

"The Link app is an innovative piece of law tech, helping lawyers improve their client care and communication. Lauren and her team are amazing, they have taken the time to train us in person and online, supporting us with marketing and ensuring we know what to do and how to make the most of the new features. I would highly recommend - whatever size your firm this is a great next step into lawtech and I improving your internal processes." - Gardner Leader Solicitors
FBC Manby Bowdler
“Quite simply, using The Link App has saved our clients and ourselves time and money.” FBC Manby Bowdler
The Link App is offering free, no obligation two week trials, so that firms can try it out and see how it can transform their client experience. Firms can have as many members of their team use it at once. For further information, head to: