Excellence In Employee Engagement

Sponsored by Tikit

Many of the world’s leading organisations recognise that putting their people first is the best way to ensure business success. Engaged employees are committed, passionate and inspired – and they inspire others by example.

They care about the future of the firm and are willing to invest their time and efforts to see that it succeeds. High levels of employee engagement lead to lower staff turnover and better customer service which in turn brings improved financial performance. 

This award seeks to recognise and celebrate those firms who are committed to building a people focussed organisation. Judges will be looking for a well-thought out strategy linking employee engagement to the heart of the business. This can include motivation programmes that have made a significant difference to a firm’s productivity and performance.

The winners of this award will demonstrate how they have implemented employee engagement initiatives that are delivering real results to the firm.


Congratulations to the 2015 winners Gardner Leader