Best Digital Presence

Sponsored by Conscious Solutions

The rise of digital has been the big marketing story over the last decade. It is no longer enough to just have an online brochure as your website.

Today, a successful digital presence incorporates a variety of activities and platforms e.g. Company website(s), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogging and many more. The focus is on usability and content integrated across all platforms. A well-designed user experience can differentiate your firm from the rest of the market. 

Maybe you’ve redesigned your website, launched a Twitter campaign or are using video to get your message across? We want to hear about the best examples of all these activities. 

The winners of this award will be able to demonstrate how their digital strategy and activities are delivering real benefits for their firm. Entries may cover a range of activities from a specific campaign using only one platform to general activities across multiple platforms. 


Congratulations to the 2015 winners Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP